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Jeanne dArc
"Be curious, not judgmental"

Jeanne dArc
"Be curious, not judgmental"
Пытаюсь в последнее время делать зарисовки, которые максимально отражают настроение, а не реальность. И я всё чаще стала делать абстрактные зарисовки, потому что они помогают разобраться с ритмом в изображении.
"Спящая красавица" с Эмили Браунинг хорошо подошла мне как материал для передачи настроения в скетчах.

Ещё у Френ вышло видео про то, что рисовать, если ты не знаешь, что именно ты хочешь. И к этому видео она даёт свой список 30 идей. Мне кажется он довольно разнообразный. Вдруг кому пригодится.

30 day Drawing challenge LIST

Favourite Fairy Tale (original not Disney)
What you eat in a day
What's on your backpack (EVERYTHING)
Current OOTD
The most honest portrait of yourself (wrinkles and spots included)
Your desk, exactly how it looks like
Hugo, the cyberpunk bass player moose
3 pieces of clothing you never wear (or you haven't in the past year)
Re-draw a drawing your did when you were a kid
what were you scared when you were little
what are you deeply scared right now
Your siblings (as monsters)
Your couch as a space ship (with you in it)
things/stuff you enjoyed this past month (monthly favourites)
your grocery shop list
Alice in Wonderland
Camping day with Tom and John (extra points if they're not humans)
The house/flat/building you live in, floating in mid air
Your mom/dad as a giant in the middle of the street
Last thing you bought (alive, as a character)
3 (real) plants
Favourite toys when you were a kid
All actors waiting to shoot a scene on the set of that movie you're REALLY scared of
Favourite band, as sloths
You inside a taco, plus favourite ingredients
Your favourite school teacher, surfing on top of her/his desk
Old witch with her new young apprentice
It's a crazy day for Melissa, the runway bear model
A rhino working at full speed at the post office on Christmas season
An old couple, dancing tango

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